Hello World!

After many years without a blog, I finally decided to bring back that old habit of mine. I first started blogging almost a decade ago, in 2010. I was 15, and like most of the Gen Z, I was born connected. It was blogger’s golden years. Eveyone I knew had a blog back then. This was how we expressed ourselves in this new world called Internet. My passion for computers began there, when I was choosing a blogger theme and couldn’t find one I truly like. After some searching around, I found these HTML and CSS things and that’s how my journey began.


I decided to use Hugo for it’s simplicity, ease of deployment and speed. No JavaScript bloat. Just pure, plain HTML and CSS (Sass, actually) — just like the old days. I’m currently serving it in a Caddy instance running on Docker alongside some other internal services I need, but I intend to move it to a S3 bucket after I’m done with these services.

// to do:

I still need to fix some styling, acessibility and SEO issues, but for now this is enougth. This blog’s source is hosted at Github, if you’re curious.